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On June 7th, 2014 we opened our doors at our facility here at Barktown Rescue No Kill Shelter and Adoptions. This was made possible thanks to our generous benefactor Bruce Flint who donated our facility to us. With his generosity and continued support we were able to move from being a solely foster based rescue to both facility and fosters.

Because Barktown Rescue No Kill Shelter and Adoptions receives no city, state, or federal funding. We are responsible for raising 100 percent of our annual operating budget from donations and fundraisers this includes our daily expenses for operating our facility. 



When I was going through a rough patch in my personal life, a counselor asked me, "What made me happy?" My response was, "The unconditional love my dogs have for me when I come home every night."

I had given two dogs, a male and female shorkie, to a couple to give to their daughter. That same night, I had a dream that Teddy came running through the back door.  I told several people about the dream I had. The next night, I got a call from the man who adopted them. He asked if I would take the dogs back. Of course, I said yes, as I wanted them back the minute they left. Teddy was one of two dogs that were very special to me. When you looked into his eyes, you were sure there was a human soul in there. 

That started my love for rescue and adoption. I started helping a local shelter in Texarkana. I would pull dogs from the shelter, get them fully vetted, and work with rescues up north to transport them and get them adopted. That's when I found an old school building in Boston, Kentucky. Originally my plan was to make it a rest place for the dogs to stay until their next leg of transport, but that is when I found out about Barktown Rescue and our rescue partnership was born! They were at the time a foster based rescue, and this was an opportunity they had been waiting for, a facility to house their dogs and cats! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to help this organization, so I donated the building to them!

The staff and volunteers work tirelessly and around the clock some days, to  run the organization and care for the animals at Barktown Rescue. My hope is to see Barktown become one of the biggest No Kill rescues in Kentucky! I am forever blessed and very proud of the staff and volunteers of Barktown! The love and compassion they have for the animals is  a reason to always support them!

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